• Mystery Moon

    Blog post edited by Rott Florian Informationen zum ProjektArbeitsauftrag/ZielsetzungIt's a project about the moon and how the moon revolves around the earthProjektbeschreibungThe project is called Mystery Moon. The backstory of the project is about a little boy who is sitting at the backseat of his dads car noticing that the moon is following him. With the help of Legomindstorm, Lego,Laser cutter a camera and a video editing program we created a project. A project where we describe how it is possible. Allgemeine InformationenLehrveranstaltungPS Development Spaces - Educational Robots and Social DiversitySemesterWintersemester 2023/24LehrenderPelin Yüksel Arslan PhDProjektbeteiligtenPatrick Stanic, Manuel Nather, Monir BekhitDatenschutzDer Beitrag wurde zur Veröffentlichung freigegeben:  JADie Multimedialeninhalte […]